Go for the FLO(w)

Best dad ever

My father always told me, that there is only one must in life… to die. This is the only thing we all will face at the end of our lives, everything else is optional. Because life is offering so much opportunity, I was always interested where it can bring me, so I was going with the flow and was sometimes surprised where I ended up. Almost two and a half years ago my life wind took me to Salzburg, where I meet a very dear person, not knowing that his death would change my life for good.

Take photos… they become memories

I meet Florian in a climbing gym and he immediately took me ski touring, where we were exploring the winter in Austrian mountains. Flo was not a man of big words, but everything he said had a deeper meaning. Actually, I prefer people that do not just chit-chat but can express deeper insights from their observations. We were hanging around a lot during the weekends and had some philosophical and existential talks, so soon we became really good friends. Moving away from homeland puts you in a difficult position, but he made it easier because he was there for me, so I was really grateful that he came into my life. But five months after we met, his life made a turn and he died in a climbing accident…

While climbing you get to know how much you value your life

The fact that all living beings have the same destiny, didn’t make his loss easier… Rationally I know, that everybody is going to die when their time comes, but this time is not defined, so we suppose it is in the far future. But with 32 years?!? This was a shocker for me… I thought that everybody that I know, returns from a climbing tour, but I was naive and so wrong… When somebody you really care about dies so unexpected, it takes time to realize it and to move on…

Always with me

Of course, Salzburg was not the same without him… The job that I had at that time was unsatisfying and I just couldn’t stand to see the city anymore, so my life energy was decreasing… Until I asked myself… WHAT THE HELL?!? Is this the life you want to live?!? Working until 18 p.m. and living just for the weekends?!? From 7 days in a week, you truly appreciate just 2!?! WTF!!! When I realized that there is nothing keeping me in Salzburg and that I am actually free, I made the best decision in my life… I quit my job and went traveling.

Life is to precious to waste your time for things that you hate and not doing things you love! This is what Flo’s death thought me. Do you really think there is a next year or even tomorrow for you? Who can guarantee you that??? Exactly. One thing is for sure, you are responsible for your life and your luck, so either you choose a golden cage or to fly out of it and become a seeker of your true dreams, not the ones you were programmed with.

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