North teaches South

Trains… it is the best way of getting from point A to point B, where you have enough space for your legs, can go on the toilet whenever you need, read books or start a conversation with a total stranger. On my train journeys, I saw people getting in and getting out on different stations and I started to see trains like an allegory for life.

Wherever the wind takes you – GO WITH THE FLOW 😀

Observing other passengers leaving and coming in, was like reflecting on my life… On my journey, I have met amazing people that were by my side for a while, but then the time came to say goodbye… It’s always hard to let a person go, but on the other hand, they make room for a new person to come in 🙂 . Some people will stay with you one station, others more and maybe one till the end of your trip. They are like messengers if you are open enough to get it. After they’ve fulfilled their purpose, they’ll leave. But don’t be sad, because they’re making space for new ones to get it. So life is a journey, where we are never alone.

Coming to Germany to work was an opportunity to realize what is important to me.  If you come to a flatland from a land with mountains and you’re used seeing them all the time (well if they don’t hide behind the clouds 🙂 ) then you soon realize the difference… When I see a mountain, I see a challenge, I see a natural masterpiece in all its glory that was shaped to inspire. But in Germany is nothing above the horizon that would call me, so I felt like a fish out of water.

Looking and being different is… INTERESTING 😉

The most precious experience that I’ve learned was when I lost my job… At first, I was shocked, because hearing that my German is not good enough for the copywriter position was terrible… But since I’m not a German native speaker I tried and I failed and SO WHAT. It’s neither a bad or a good experience, everything in life is absolute, it’s us that make sense out of the happening. Not making a drama or a hyper-positive reaction out of it, makes an experience neutral and easier to digest 🙂 . So my train goes on, but this time toward the mountains 😀 !

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