Every day is a HOLYday

Christmas… time where cinnamon smell accompanies you wherever you go, combined with drinking mulled wine with friends while freezing your ass off outside on the light-decorated Christmas market and eating Christmas dinner with family, before opening presents in front of the Christmas tree while surprisingly smiling into the camera. This is my program that runs every year in December, when cinnamon, light shows and everything associated with X-mas are triggering my episodic memory and making me feel hyper. But this year my memory program didn’t run, because staying in a country that doesn’t celebrate Christmas made me realize how arbitrary holidays actually are…

It’s cold, but at least it’s not below zero

Anyway, the Christmas spirit missed me, since to be able to recall my past experiences I would need to have the above described special triggers, but they aren’t available here. Firstly, it is too warm in the south of China, so I don’t feel like it’s December. Even if I run the whole day in a down jacket, it is still warmer than in Slovenia. Secondly, the only time I got reminded of X-mas, was when I went to a supermarket to buy food and had to listen to covered Christmas songs. That was so annoying, that I just wanted to get the hell out of the shop as quickly as possible. Finally, because being away from family and friends means that I didn’t get sucked into consumption stress of figuring out what to buy for a present. So my Mr. Brains expectations weren’t fulfilled, which could lead to a disappointment or a mind blowing Eureka moment.

Self made gifts are the best, like this surprise from my French friend

Reflecting the Western habits from abroad made me realize that a lot of people are living for special days like Christmas, Eastern and maybe some other holidays. But those are just a few days out of the other 365 in a year. What is wrong with the rest of the days? Are they not special enough to be worth mentioning? Just by putting a label on a day with a connotation, doesn’t promise you to have a good day. Besides that, it is putting so much pressure if everything doesn’t go the way we expect it. Waiting for a special day to come is a big waste of the rest of the days that are not even given a chance to be truly lived.


Everyday is a special day, because if you woke up this morning, then you were given a chance to create the best day ever. What is stopping you?


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