West goes East

I am currently in China and the world here is quite different from the one I know… there are many obscurities, that I am not used to, but let me start by telling you the story from the beginning…

Bye bye my home mountains…

To conquer a long distance I choose to fly. First I needed to get to the airport in Venice, so the story starts in my homeland Slovenia. Early in the morning at 6.15 I had a shuttle transfer from Ljubljana to Venice. It was a bit snowing, but I couldn’t imagine that it will turn into a real snow storm, that will lead to a chaos on the roads. There were moment in the shuttle where I thought “damn does the insurance take care about a missed flight in case of a special weather conditions?!” When this kind of thoughts come across your mind is the best way just to take a deep breath in and out and try to see a meaning in everything, so if something is not supposed to happen, then it for sure won’t happen. With this mindset I adjusted to a painfully slow drive towards Venice, but guess what, I came in time. So Checkmate for me here, my silly mind 🙂 .

The procedure at the airport is standard, so I will spear some lines here and write, that it felt like moving from one plane, sleep there, then wake up and already moving to another. But then it came… Beijing, finally in China and going to my last flight to Guilin with Chinese airlines. The airport was already different, as were the people. As a chocoholic you notice really fast, that there are no sweets to buy or at least sweets that I am used to. There were some strange packages with a writing I didn’t understand and pictures of some sweet stuff I didn’t know. Ahh, I guess I have to live for a while without chocolate. I started to wonder, if I never would have tasted chocolate, would I miss it… probably not, but hey I did, so now the scary part without it starts 😛 .

After arriving to Yangshuo I had to take a taxi to come to my accommodation and I was lucky that the natives wrote me, how much the ride should cost. Getting off the bus you get immediately attacked by taxi drivers and you start to bargain for the price. Of course it is written all over your face, that you are a foreigner, so they will give you a special price, of course the more expensive one 😛 . You just have to choose a taxi driver, that is less expensive and off you go. But do not expect a car, I was placed in a sort of a basket without a roof, but the ride was great, with lots of wind in my hair and feeling like being a potato bag, holding myself not to fall out of it 🙂 .

Taxi + holding not to fall out = blurry photo

The dormitory, where I live with a lovely Chinese girl named Jayne, is located in Yangshuo. The room that we have, is comfortable and quite big, so there is enough space to move around. But first I need some proper sleep, because I have to overcome this terrible jet lag…

Sleep mode: on

It’s a kind of funny thing, but during my traveling I lost seven hours, so my body and my biorhythm noticed that for sure :). How do I feel? Let me say like some sort of being trapped between a real world and a dream world, because the things my eyes are seeing are a bit blurry and my mind is just too sleepy to copy paste the picture to the real world directory, so I sometimes do not know if this is real or Lala land. But my body for sure is a powerful machine, so it will start to function perfectly, but for that I just need to go to sleep. So Lala-land here I come 😀 .

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